Jan 8, 2008

Project Ka'eo Book
Also Download Executive Summary
(updated to the Feb 1, 2008 version)


  1. Lucienne DeNaie has preserved the stories and history of this part of Maui. Lucienne is so good at interviewing our kupuna. I heard some of my mother-in-law's stories that I would have missed had not Lucienne encouraged her to speak.

    I hope you will use this blog to add your own kupuna's stories and recollections. Maybe a follow up book?

  2. there is a heau in the Garcia property that they call the Kalani Heau...the Kalani's are not from Makena they married in the Lonokailu family. I think Lucianne should know this for Project Kaeo.Aunty Nancy Bak remembers playing on the heau but does not know who's it is...

    Lucienne's reply: Mahalo. Yes I theorized after realizing the Kalani's had married into the Lono family that some one might have referred to the heiau as over by "kalani's place" and the archaeologist who described it got the impression it was called Kalani Heiau. Inez ashdown referes to it as "Onouli" heiau and says it was once connected to a scare cocanut grove called. It is listed in state records as "kalani" at this time though..